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Use the postage calculator to witness our real-time discounted rates and estimate your shipping costs before you purchase.

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Ready to ditch the line? Save time and money by printing discounted UPS and USPS postage with ShipBot

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ShipBot makes it possible for you to print labels and ship packages from the comfort of your home or office.

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We’ve negotiated rates with UPS and USPS to get you access to the lowest prices on shipping services within the United States.

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Shipping should be easy. That’s why we will never charge fees or require you to sign in or sign up to use ShipBot.

Print From Anywhere

We’ll send you an email with your label and instructions on how to schedule a pickup. Print the label, tape it to the box, and hand it off.

Forward Shipping Labels

Left something at the Airbnb? Want Grandma to mail a batch of cookies? Forward a label for an easy prepaid shipping solution.

Schedule Pickups

We will provide you with instructions on how to schedule a carrier pickup. You’ll never have to set foot in a post office again!

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